GQ’s Julia Ioffe: Trump ‘has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did’

What happened in Pittsburgh was an absolute tragedy.  No one should ever lose their lives for simply quietly and privately practicing their religion.

The man who killed those 11 innocent people, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, should be given the ultimate penalty: death. Luckily, it appears that is exactly what the authorities in the Keystone States are seeking.

However, almost right on cue, liberals are using this tragedy as an opportunity to bash President Trump, saying that his divisive comments and at times, heated rhetoric, are what set people like Bowers and Cesar Sayoc, the Florida man who sent suspicious packages through the mail, over the edge.

Have Trump’s comments been a little much at times? Yes, of course, but I don’t ever remember him telling individuals to commit or attempt to commit murder.  What I do remember, easily, is Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton’s call for violence and incivility to those with a difference in opinion.

But yet, liberals still blame Trump and Trump alone for the hyper-partisan political climate.

A journalist with GQ magazine even so went as far as to say actually say that Trump has “radicalized more people than ISIS.”

That’s patently absurd.  To say that the President of the United States is responsible for more death than a Islamist terrorist group dead set on wiping Israel, Jews and any nation friendly to Israel off the wipe is beyond idiotic.

However, the words came out of Julia Ioffe’s mouth.  Check out her moronic statement:

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