This two year-old tweet from Hillary Clinton really hasn’t aged well

On Friday, Hillary Clinton turned 71-year-old. Around this time two years ago, the former secretary of state, her rabid supporters and the media were certain she was going to become the first female President of the United States.

It was going to happen there was nothing that was going to stop it. Nothing.  Well, except the voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio. Nevertheless, everyone knows how this story ends. Hillary is not and likely will never occupy the Oval Office.

To say Hillary’s is likely the biggest upset in presidential history isn’t a stretch. As I mentioned earlier, the media and her supporters thought her winning election was a foregone conclusion. Also, this arrogant, ignorant tweet from Hillary herself shows she also thought she was destined to become President of the United States.

This tweet raises an even bigger question: Who actually wishes themselves a happy birthday? Hillary, what happened with this tweet?

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