Obama accuses Pres. Trump of lying about preexisting conditions in Wisconsin

Now, with a little more than a week until voters head to the polls, everyone is out stumping for their party and that includes former President Barack Obama.

Obama was in Wisconsin on Friday and talked about a number of things. However, the former president also took a number of shots at President Trump. In fact, at one point during his speech Obama accused Trump and his administration of flat-out lying to the American people on preexisting conditions.

Healthc are seems to be the one and only issue Democrats want to talk about ahead of the midterms. However, for Obama to call Trump a liar on health care is a tad ironic. I seem to remember the former president telling everyone that, during the Obamacare debate, that if you like your plan and your doctor you would be able to keep. Turns out that wasn’t exactly the case.

Now, there are several other instances where it could be easily said that Obama and his administration misled, and likely lied, to the American people, Obama’s lie on healthcare is certainly the most obvious.

Check out the former president talking about Trump and healthcare:

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