WATCH: MAGA hat triggers liberal

For whatever reason, hats have become a really triggering item to some liberals, especially a red hat with the words “Make America Great Again.”

Why? Well, apparently to some liberals holding a different opinion from them is enough to set them into a self-righteous rage in which they must act out in a fit of stupidity.

Whatever happened to letting people believe what they want to believe? Letting others think what they want? Yes, honest, respectable debate is welcomed and even disagreements are welcomed. But sadly, that is rarely what happens.

Instead, things usually play out similarly to way a liberal accosted and berated a Trump supporter in a public place.  At one point the liberal takes the man’s hat off his head and throws it on the ground.

Wait a second, I thought liberals were the people of open-mindedness, tolerance and acceptance.  I guess that’s only in theory and rarely in practice.

Check out the clip:

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