TRAILER: Liam Neeson in ‘Cold Pursuit’

Ever since the first “Taken” film, Liam Neeson has been seen as an action star, seemingly churning out one such flick after another.

At least for a couple of years, the rate at which Neeson films,  in which he would utter some memorable, menacing line and then proceed to beat the crap out of men more than half his age, was dizzying. The only other actor who seemed to rival Neeson’s work rate was comedian Kevin Hart. Ever time you turned around it seemed the comedian had a new flick set to come out.

Well, both Neeson and Hart have slowed down, at least for now.  Anyway, since Night School came a few months back, Neeson knew he had to keep up, or something like that.

Whatever the case, here’s the first look at Neeson in Cold Pursuit.


The film, which opens on Feb. 8, also stars Emmy Rossum (Shameless) and Laura Dern.

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