McDonald’s bringing back the McRib, announces return date for popular sandwich

And everyone stood up and cheered! Yes, it’s that time of year once again, McDonald’s is bringing back its McRib.

On Thursday, the Golden Arches announced the return of the popular sandwich. It will make its triumphant return to more than 9,000 locations. The meaty, tangy deliciousness will begin appearing at McDonald’s.

Unsure as to where exactly you can pick it up? Well, that’s been covered. Check out the McRib Locator to…of course locate where you can pick up the sandwich.

In addition to picking it up yourself, the McRib, this year, will now come to you. Ubereats will bring it directly to your door.

Of course the most important detail: when will you actually be able to order a McRib from McDonald’s? McDonald’s sent out a tweet Thursday saying the official return date is Monday, Oct. 29.

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