Grassley asks the DOJ to look into Avenatti, Swetnick for possible criminal prosecution

A bad week is getting worse for Michael Avenatti. First a judge order him to pay nearly $5 million to a former lawyer of his firm as part of a back pay lawsuit.  In another stunning move, and in separate case, Avenatti’s current firm was evicted from their building due to failure to pay rent.

Now, on Thursday afternoon, Republican Senator Chuck Grassely referred Avenatti and his client, Julie Swetnick, to the Department of Justice for possible criminal prosecution.

The chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee wants the DOJ to look into whether Avenatti and Swetnick intentionally made false statements, conspired in a conspiracy and were looking to obstruct Congress. 

Of course you’ll remember, Swetnick accused now Justice Brett Kavanaugh of drugging the drinks of women in order to run trains on girls at high school parties.  Swetnick, though, couldn’t keep her story straight.

In an interview with NBC, she changed her story, misremembering and remembering details about the incidents. NBC themselves said they could not independently corroborate her statements, but decided to run the interview regardless.

Avenatti, in his typical fashion, responded on Twitter saying he wants to start the investigation tonight.

You may also remember Avenatti is the same person who represents porn star Stormy Daniels.

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