Survey: Chick-fil-A is teens’ favorite restaurant

Liberals aren’t going to be happy with this new finding. Turns out the restaurant the Left loves to hate is not just a favorite, but the favorite among teens.

Not only take the top spot, according to the survey, but it knocked off Starbucks to claim the title.

The study surveyed 8,600 teens to get their feelings on a variety of topics. But seriously though, if these teens don’t understand how dangerous a Chick-fil-A is now, will they ever? It seems that Liberals may be losing an entire generation to the much-hated fast food joint!

Perhaps they should organize another protest and end Chick-fil-A’s nasty, hate-filled reign of tasty chicken and excellent service.

On a serious note, another interesting finding was that teens are using Instagram more than all other social media sites, while Facebook’s usage drops with the teen crow.


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