Republican Braun leads Donnelly in race for US Senate, according to latest poll

Election Day is now just two weeks away. Just two more weeks of terrible political ads all over your TV. Only 14 more days of crappy campaign literature crowding up your mailbox. It’s almost there, you can see the finish line. There is light at the end of the tunnel and any other cliche that means something is almost over.

Soon we’ll find out whether or not the Republicans are able to keep the House and gain seats in the Senate. There are a handful of races around the country that people have their eye own that will play an important role in determining what party is in control for the next two years. One of those races is the race for U.S. Senate in Indiana and on Tuesday, things got a little clearer as to how that race is leaning.

A new poll released Tuesday morning, surveying 600 Hoosiers, has the Republican Mike Braun leading the Democrat incumbent Joe Donnelly 47 percent to 43 percent. The Libertarian in the races has three percent and there is still, amazingly enough, seven percent who have yet to make up their minds.

Another interesting find of the poll shows that between Democrats and Republicans there is now difference in enthusiasm. Of those backing Braun, 72 percent say they are extremely enthusiastic/excited and for Donnelly that number is 74 percent.

Even though this is still just a poll and no votes have been counted yet, this has to make the Republican challenger breathe a little easier. But with two weeks to go in a political campaign, that’s a lifetime and anything can happen.

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