Disney considering reboot of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films

Hollywood really does not know when to just let things go. Everything from Roseanne, Full House, Murphy Brown, Tomb Raider, Halloween, Mangum P.I., Charmed and hundreds of others have gotten the reboot treatment. Now, Disney is looking to join in on the reboot trend in a major way.

Apparently, the House of Mouse is considering redoing the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Only this time, they may be a tad darker with some sporadic bloody violence and tons of foul language thrown in for good measure. Why? Well, Disney is currently talking to the guys behind the hilarious and over-the-top violent Deadpool. 

I can’t really see Jack Sparrow cracking a joke as he mercilessly bludgeons someone to death, but anything is possible. My guess the the guys behind Deadpool leave out the gratuitous violence and litany of four-letter words that we’ve grown accustomed to from the merc with a mouth.

But, either way, why do we need more Pirates of the Caribbean flicks? Does Disney really think anyone will be able to top Johnny Depp’s scene-stealing performance as Jack Sparrow?

Sure, the films got progressively worse, but that doesn’t mean you have to reboot the entire thing, right?

Disney, please, just leave it in the past. Move on to something else. Go make yet another Star Wars flick or pump out another 20 Marvel films, anything but this.

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