Trump retires ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ gives him new nickname

During the most recent presidential primary, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz started out somewhat friendly, even complimenting each other at times. However, as the primary season progressed and the number of candidates whittled, Trump gave Cruz a nickname that stuck for a while – “Lying Ted.”

But that wasn’t all that happened. The two went back and forth and it got personal fast. Trump attacked Heidi Cruz’s looks and even suggested that Cruz’s father was somehow linked to the JFK assassination.

However, understandably, Cruz doesn’t seem to be the best of friends with President Trump. He was recently asked about his relationship with the president and whether he considers him a friend and he basically dodged the question.

Can’t blame the man at all. Imagine if he attacked your wife’s looks or insinuated a link between your father and the murder of a president, you’re probably not gonna be on the friendliest of terms. Cruz’s answer to the question is exactly what you’d expect.

Yes, Trump needs Cruz in the senate in order to get his agenda passed. That’s why he found himself campaigning for him in Houston. But Trump decided to give the Texas senator a new nickname, retiring “Lyin’ Ted.”

Trump on Monday told reporters that Cruz will now be known as “Beautiful Ted.”

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