Nancy Pelosi: ‘I am a great legislator’

While CNN is generally not a big fan of President Trump and Republicans, they may have helped more than they will know.

Several polls have shown that will it appears Republicans are likely to keep the Senate and perhaps pick up even more seats, the House is another story.

If the Democrats are to win back the house they have vowed to open up all kinds of investigations into Trump, Kavanaugh and Republicans. They will also obstruct any and everything President Trump and Republicans try to do, legislatively.

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, while talking to CNN’s Dana Bash, believes that should would become Speaker of the House once again, if the Dems win back the House. The woman went so far as to call herself a “great legislator.”

Perhaps passing a bill in order to find out what is actually in it qualifies as being a great legislator now.  The bar has been lowered considerably, if that’s the case.

If Republicans needed any more motivation to get out and vote on Nov. 6, think about this: Nancy Pelosi in a position of power.

Check out the video:

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