Braun campaign goes after Donnelly’s vote against Kavanaugh in new ad

Democrat Joe Donnelly voted against President Trump’s then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavnaugh. Donnelly is also hoping to keep his job as he battles Republican Mike Braun in red-state Indiana.

Basically, Donnelly is attempting to run as a Republican as he consistently makes mention of him breaking with his party in order to support President Trump, even while chopping wood. Seriously, his chopping wood ad is heavy on puns and big on the cringe.

Check it out:

Despite Donnelly trying to cozy up to Trump, he still voted with his party on a number of critical issues, including voting against Kavanaugh. But to hear Joe explain it, well he never really answers the question, but he makes sure you know he voted for Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Knowing that the Democrats made the Kavanaugh hearings so ugly and divisive, the Braun campaign went after Donnelly’s vote on Kavanaugh, highlighting it in their newest ad.

Check it out:

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