Artist gets creative, reinvents ‘Halloween’ billboard using Maxine Waters photo

Lately, Democrats have been instructing their sheep to disrupt and harass Republicans whenever they seem them in public. Maxine Waters and former Attorney General Eric Holder both told Democrats to go after Republicans.

Holder said that when Republicans go low, “we kick them.” Two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was a little less subtle when she recently abandoned the whole idea of civility, saying it’s that Democrats cannot be civil with Republicans until they get back in power.

And to their credit, like the good followers they are, Democrats have been listening to their party’s leadership.

One artist in Los Angeles responded to the Democrats’ incessant calls for go after those with whom they disagree. He used a billboard advertising the new Halloween movie, but instead of Michael Myers’ face he used one that may be just as scary and possibly even more so.

Check out this:

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