Hillary Clinton running in 2020? It could happen, says Clinton aide

There are few things that help bring all Republican/conservative voters together. One of those was the way the media and the Democratic Party handled the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings. Immediately following Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the highest court in the land, Republicans’ enthusiasm in the midterms had risen considerably.

Hopefully, the newfound enthusiasm lasts for a few more weeks until Nov. 6.

Another thing that brings helps Republicans come together is their nearly uniform and genuine dislike of Hillary Clinton. Don’t believe me? Look who is sitting in the White House. America elected Donald Trump, a businessman and star of NBC’s The Apprentice, instead of her.

Well, apparently Hillary is looking into the possibility of helping with the re-election of effort of Donald Trump.

A former aide to Hillary Clinton says that while a 2020 run by the former senator and secretary of state may seem unlikely, it could happen. 

However, the aide continued on the matter and said the chances of two-time presidential loser are “somewhere between highly unlikely and zero…but it’s not zero.”

You gotta think most Republicans are absolutely begging for a third Clinton run. This would do nothing but bolster Trump’s chances at getting back in the White House if Democrats were dumb enough to nominate her again.

But let’s be real, they aren’t that dumb, are they?


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