Amy Schumer announces her own NFL protest

Amy Schumer, before bursting onto the scene, starring in terrible movies and becoming one of the left’s top social justice social warriors, was genuinely funny.  Now, instead of jokes coming out of her mouth, she spews leftist talking points or finds other ways to show us all just how “woke” she really is.

Yet again the comedian has found another way to obtain the love of the left, but taking a stand or better yet, a knee.

Recently, on social media, Schumer posted saying that she will be supporting Colin Kaepernick’s protest by boycotting the Super Bowl…by not appearing in any ads.

In addition to stating her intention to not appear in any Super Bowl commercials, she also called on Maroon 5, who will perform at halftime, to boycott the NFL’s biggest game as well.

While she did appear in a beer commercial last year, how arrogant is it to go out and say this? Who’s to say that Bud Light or any other advertiser would want her in their ad? She’s become such a politically divisive and outspoken figure that I’m not sure many companies would want that image for their product anyway.

Second, if this was really how you felt, why do you need to come out and tell everyone about it? Just shut your mouth and not do any ads. Wouldn’t that be a better way to live out your beliefs instead of bringing attention to yourself ….instead of like well, an attention whore?

No, why live out what one believes in quiet humility when you can broadcast to the world, get SJW points with the left and get attention for it in the process?


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