Wow! Pelosi: ‘If there’s some collateral damage for those who don’t share our view, well so be it’

Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. But for whatever reason, those of the left still cannot accept that fact. And frankly, they haven’t exactly handled well.

Just within the last couple of weeks, leftists have been seen screaming at and running elected officials out of restaurants. They chased down these same officials down in the capitol while screaming and using profanity. They even beat on, pawed at and tried to open the doors of the Supreme Court following the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. There was also a member of Antifa captured on camera verbally berating a woman whose husband was killed in 9/11. However, according to CNN, you cannot call them a mob.

But the insanity doesn’t stop with committed lemmings on the left. Major players are now getting in on the act, calling for more of this kind of behavior. Eric Holder said that the new Democratic Party should “kick them when they go low” and Hillary Clinton basically said civility can be completely thrown out the window until Dems are back in power.

Well, now California Democrat Nancy Pelosi is also essentially endorsing these tactics. The House member recently said that “we owe the America people to be there for them.”

Fine, I can get behind that, but she continues and it just gets worse. She actually says, out loud that “if there’s some collateral damage, for those who do not hold our view, well so be it.”

This is an elected official actually saying this. Insane. Check out Pelosi’s comments:

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