WATCH: Donnelly campaign puts out awful, cringeworthy ad

No matter what side of the political aisle, everyone knows politics bend the truth to fit their narrative. Another thing they are also accused often is that of being disingenuous, which leads to being controlled by campaign advisors who “know exactly what a candidate should do and when.” Well, whoever told Joe Donnelly to shoot their campaign’s latest ad should be fired immediately.

Sure, every candidate releases bad ads, but this one put out by the Donnelly campaign is truly awful and cringeworthy in every way.

He’s chopping wood and as he’s splitting wood he talks about splitting with his party, get it? Well, Donnelly campaign sure hopes you do because they apparently haven’t heard of the word “subtly.”

He then goes on to make a number of other terrible puns in this just downright horrible, horrible ad.

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