Louis Farrakhan compares Jews to termites

Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader, isn’t a fan of the Jewish people.

In his latest round of anti-Semitic remarks, the man compares those of Jewish descent to termites.  He made the remarks during a speech given Sunday in Detroit.

Get this: the man actually posted the clip of his racist make on Twitter himself.  Really must be proud of being a racist.


As bad and as racist as what he says is, the response from the crowd may be even worse. Clapping and laughter is heard as the camera pans around the room, capturing people smiling at the racist language.

So far, it appears Chelsea Clinton is the only Democrat to come out against Farrakhan’s hate-filled remarks.

Will others follow Chelsea’s lead in condemning Farrakhan for his latest racist comments? Don’t hold your breath. The man pals around with the top leaders of the Democratic Party.


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