Huh? Tissues are now sexist

Take out the notepad people, there’s yet another thing to add to the ever-expanding list of “offensive things.”  This latest one will blow your mind: tissues.

You read that right, no need to check your eyes. Yes, apparently Kleenex is changing the name of it’s “mansize” tissues because people actually complained that the name was, get this: sexist.

The tissues will now be known as the less offensive, more gender-neutral “Kleenex Extra Large.” Well, thank God!

You know this is real because who could actually come up with the crap? What moron has time to sit around and think about this type of stuff? I’d really like to meet the people who are actually offended by a tissue.

Manwich, Manchester United and Men’s Health better get prepared because you guys, sorry, sorry, you people of an unidentifiable gender are next!

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