WATCH: Indy political commentator hilariously dismantles Joe Donnelly ad

As election day approaches, the race between Joe Donnelly and Mike Braun is more contentious as each campaign throws out ad after ad. However, as everyone knows, politicians like to twist and turn the truth in order to get re-elected.

Well, Sen. Donnelly, a Democrat, put out an ad where he attempts to totally dispute everything that his party and those in charge of his party are activity pushing. But, Donnelly wants you to know that he’s not having it.

Check out Sen. Donnelly’s ad.

First of all, Donnelly talks about socialized medicine, turning it over to the government. Donnelly says “over my dead body.” Well, Donnelly voted for Obamacare. What do you call that Mr. Donnelly?

He then goes on to talk about how much he supports President Trump and then actually uses a quote from President Reagan.

Donnelly essentially refutes everything that his party stands for…of course in order to get elected. But let’s remember Donnelly voted for Obamacare, for the Iran Nuclear Deal and against Brett Kavanaugh. Well, an Indianapolis political commentator wasn’t having any of it.

Tony Katz redid Sen. Donnelly’s ad with a few adjustments. Check out his hilarious take on Donnelly’s ad:

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