VIDEO: Man verbally attacks woman whose husband was killed in 9/11

The amount of cruelty and callousness of humanity is downright amazing at times.

Hold a door for someone, flashing a smile at someone walking by – it’s pretty easy to show a little bit of kindness. It honestly doesn’t take much. However, some people choose to do otherwise.

For instance, a woman who claims her husband was killed in 9/11 was recently absolutely verbally abused and attacked by a man in New York City. In addition to showing off his expansive vocabulary littered with nothing but four-letter words, the man says things that no human should have to put up with. The amount of self-control the woman exercises is nothing but astounding. How she didn’t go off and slug the guy is beyond me.

And they say it’s not a mob though, right? This looks pretty angry and violent to me.


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