Latest Braun campaign ad covers health care

The Indiana Senate campaign between Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly has covered many topics.

Donnelly and Braun have gone back and forth on outsourcing, President Trump, the border wall, the economy, Hoosier farmers and also, health care. Now, Donnelly throughout the campaign has touted that he was the deciding vote to save pre-existing conditions.  What he doesn’t want to tell you and what he actually means is that he voted with his party, on a straight-party vote and rammed Obamacare through the Senate.

However, then Donnelly wants to attack Braun for what he has actually done, as a small business owner on health care. While Donnelly was in Washington vote for higher premiums and more government regulation in health care, Braun was actually dealing with the subject of health care and that’s the subject of his campaign’s latest ad.

Check out the Braun campaign’s ad:

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