Wyoming city council candidate sells her underwear online, vows to stay in race

Politics in America just keeps getting weirder and weirder. For the latest in the our odd, but true in odyssey in American politics, we head out west, to Wyoming.

This strange story involves a woman running for city council in Evanston, Wyoming.  Deborah Reno who, it has been discovered, has an online alter ego, Mystee Crockett.

Now, this is where things get odd. Reno, as Mystee Crockett, she performs in online striptease videos and sells her “used panties” and “dirty gym shorts” for $20, plus shipping, of course.

Reno responded to the controversy by issuing the following statement:

“My alter ego is hot and sexy in a way that I never get to be in real life. My husband loves my alter ego, although she only comes out when he and I are out of town. She doesn’t break laws, but she is gorgeous. She’s never gotten into trouble, but she does get into exciting adventures with my husband.”

Reno went on to say that she has no plans to drop out of the race.

Look, whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own home is their business. But, even in a small, seemingly insignificant race like for city council, the private will soon become public.  Do people think stuff like this will not come out eventually?


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