Ben Shapiro: 10 reasons to vote Republican on Nov. 6

If you’re not familiar with Ben Shapiro, where have you been? He’s one of the top conservative political commentators working today, has published many books, is editor in-chief of The Daily Wire and has one of the most listened to conservative podcasts in the country.

He recently had special month-long special that aired on Fox News the past four Sundays, “The Ben Shapiro Election Special” on which he would discuss the previous week’s most intriguing and noteworthy topics. He’d also bring on people of all different political viewpoints to debate those topics and issues.This past Sunday evening was the last installment of his month-long special.

Now, the midterm elections, especially for the party in the White House, usually rests on its laurels and the opposing party usually gains a few seats here and there. However, Ben Shapiro ended Sunday evening’s program with why Republicans cannot afford to sit back, put up our feet and relax on Election Day. In fact, he gave ten compelling reasons why it’s not only necessary to vote on Election Day, but to get out and vote Republican on Nov. 6.

Check out Shapiro’s 10 reasons why voting Republican on Election Day is necessary:

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