Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results are in!

Trump must have gotten under Elizabeth Warren’s skin with his Pocahontas talk, because the Massachusetts Senator finally took a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage.

Sort of.

According to the Daily Beast, “The analysis of Warren’s DNA was reportedly done by Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor, and shows that she had a Native American in her family tree dating back six to 10 generations.”

That’s such a low percentage that most tribes wouldn’t even accept that as proof of heritage. According to the Department of the Interior, each tribe has different requirements and most don’t accept someone with less than 25% of Native American heritage, which is one great-grandparent. If you don’t know who in your family had Native American heritage, it’s unlikely you would meet the requirements to join a tribe.

She even made a family story and posted it online and then called for Trump to release his tax returns.

Warren probably did this because she’s mounting a presidential run and knew it would come up during debates. Not sure if this test will help or hurt the Senator, but at least we now know that she’s 1/512th Native American!

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