CNN releases poll on possible Dem 2020 candidates

We’re a little less than a month away from the midterms election, and understandably, that’s what everyone is focused on. The Nov. 6 elections will answer some major questions: What party will control Congress for the next two years? Will the Democrats win back any Republican governor seats? How big a role will the Kavanaugh hearings and false allegations play?

But, you can bet as soon as the final race is called, everyone will begin looking toward 2020. Every Democrat that anyone has ever heard of and likely, those we haven’t heard of, will probably at least test the waters, looking at a possible presidential campaign.

So, CNN released a new poll looking at possible Democratic candidates and their level of support for 2020.

Who what potential candidate has the most support? Former Vice President Joe Biden tops the poll with 33 percent, coming in second is the crazy Democratic socialist Bernie “give me all your money” Sanders with 13 percent.

While it’s extremely early, it’s interesting to see who Democrats think is the best candidate to try and defeat president Trump.

Read the poll here

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