Braun campaign slams Joe Donnelly for campaigning with Delaware Senator Chris Coons

If asked how he voted on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Joe Donnelly is likely to mention how he voted for Neil Gorsuch without ever talking about his vote on Kavanaugh. Just for the record, Donnelly did vote against Kavanaugh.

Why does Donnelly spin and never directly answer this question? Well, because he knows he’s not likely to many Hoosiers votes if this is discussed at any length. So, knowing that it would make perfect sense for Donnelly to bring in another Democrat who was against Kavanaugh from the beginning, right? No, of course not. But that’s exactly what Donnelly did.

Donnelly brought in Delaware Senator Chris Coons to help him campaign in northwestern Indiana. Why the campaign would bring him in makes absolutely no sense. The guy will have absolutely no name recognition in the state. In fact, the only thing most Hoosiers are likely to know about the man is how he voted against Kavanaugh and was the man responsible for persuading Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake to call for the FBI investigation. Again, it was a stupid move by the Donnelly campaign and the Braun campaign let them know.

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