Carmel, Ind. home protests Trump with Halloween display

These Carmel, Ind. homeowners have a lot of time on their hands. For the second year in a row, they have put up a “Trumpkin” display just off Main Street near the Carmel Arts District.

Some of the President’s Tweets are blown up, printed on a vinyl sign and displayed throughout the yard.

Next to Trump is Putin and a cage with small pumpkins in it sits next to a concrete wall. One would assume that the mini pumpkins represent children in cages.

We also find Space Force Trump, who stands by a sign that reads “grab ’em by the stars.”

The smaller sign nailed to a tree is a hit on Brett Kavanaugh. A page out of his calendars, “drink beer” is written on all the days until you get to Election Day where it says “don’t forget to vote.”

Then we move on to the bathtub scene where Ted Cruz, Betsy DeVos and others make an appearance in what seems to be a reference to “the swamp.”

Finally we come to grave stones marking the end of the Paris Climate Agreement, Winning Bigly and Net Neutrality.

The scene in the yard is getting a lot of attention. While I was there, several other people walked by to take photos and a couple cars slowed to gawk from the road.

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