Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker calls out Don Lemon, CNN for Kanye comments

Ever since Kanye West has voiced for President Donald Trump on a number of occasions CNN, MSNBC, SNL and most of the media are no longer fans of the rapper.

They’ve called him mentally unstable, told him to keep quiet all for simply expressing a different political opinion. However, CNN recently went one step further. They brought race into the conversation because…well, isn’t that what liberals always do when they run out of something to say?

CNN’s Don Lemon had a panel on to discuss Kanye West’s planned visit to the White House.  Tera Setmayer referred to Kanye as “a token Negro,” going on to again, question Kanye’s mental state.

But wait, it gets worse, one panelist says Kanye West is what happens when “negros don’t read.” And what does Lemon do? Nothing but laughs at what is apparently….a funny joke?

Why not talk about some legitimate reasons why they disagree with West? Why not talk about why they believe liberal ideas and policies are better than the ones Kanye is espousing? No, bringing in someone’s race and mental state into question is so much easier than actually debating ideas.

I’m not the biggest fan of Fox News, but can you imagine what would happen if Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham said something even remotely similiar to what Lemon and CNN said? The world would explode, advertisers would begin boycotting and people would lose their jobs.

Well, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL player Herschel Walker called out CNN, Lemon and the panelists for their overt racism during the segment.


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