Braun campaign’s latest ad hits Donnelly for Kavanaugh opposition, supporting Hillary

The Braun campaign has released yet another ad going after Indiana’s incumbent senator, Democrat Joe Donnelly.

Again, they rightfully go after Donnelly’s record. They highlight the Democrat’s “no” vote on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, his support of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal and his vocal support of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. The ad attempts to and is pretty effective at painting Donnelly as being out of touch with most Hoosiers.

Donnelly’s vote against Kavanaugh is most likely to have the biggest impact. During Monday night’s Senate debate, Donnelly constantly talked about his voting in favor of Trump’s other Supreme Court nominee, Gorsuch. Any time Donnelly was challenged about his Kavanaugh vote, he became visibly frustrated and referenced his support of Gorsuch.

This ad is likely to play well with Hoosiers. It’s short, succinct and to the point.


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