Hologram Ronald Reagan added to Presidential museum

If you haven’t visited Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Museum in Simi Valley, CA, it definitely one worth visiting. Not only does it have a beautiful view but it’s quite extensive and even features a Reagan era Air Force One.

Every year, over 400,000 visit and in an effort to modernism and evoke “realism”, the museum has decided to add a hologram of The Gipper.

USA Today reports that it was a four year process to create a life like representation of the president.

The holographic exhibit was four years in the making, taking advantage of advances in hologram technology that has recently allowed the images of live people to be beamed to events around the world. As for dead people, they’re showing up, too, but the process of having them make an appearance is more complicated.

In the case of Reagan, the transformation into a 3D holograph involved hiring an actor who had the right size and mannerisms. After none could be found with similar facial features, the museum commissioned a sculpture of Reagan’s head just for video purposes.

The hologram will greet visitors as they prepare to walk through the museum.

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