Dennis Rodman wants to be the new UN ambassador

Well, as you’ve probably already heard: Nikki Haley is stepping down from her post as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. She’s expected to stay on until the end of the year. At this point, it’s unclear why the former governor of South Carolina decided to step away from her position.

This unexpected resignation naturally has people asking tons of questions. What is the reason for her stepping down? Who will replace Haley at the United Nations?  Does she have higher political ambitions? Will she eventually run for President of the United States? Will she write a book about her experience in the Trump administration?

Most of those questions likely have a “yes” answer, especially about her running for president and cashing in on her time as UN ambassador with a book. However, the answers to the most intriguing questions: What caused her to step down and who will replace her?

While we aren’t sure who will replace her at the United Nations, one former NBA star is throwing his hat into the ring.

Dennis Rodman posted a video to Twitter asking users if he should be the next UN ambassador.

So the question must be asked: Should Rodman replace Haley at the UN?  No, no way. Probably a bad idea.

Check out Rodman’s video:

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