Voter registration has spiked since Taylor Swift went political

Taylor Swift broke precedent a few days ago, endorsing two Democrats for the Tennessee governor and senate race. Since then, voter registration has spiked. According to Kamari Guthrie of, in the 24-hour period since Swift’s Instagram post, they received 65,000 new registrations.

Buzzfeed reports that in Tennessee, “the organization has received 5,183 in the state so far this month — at least 2,144 of which were in the last 36 hours, up from 2,811 new Tennessee voter registrations for the entire month of September and just 951 in August.”

There’s no way to know which party is registering for though – is non-partisan and doesn’t track political party affiliation.

Whether you like it or not, celebrities have sway over people when it comes to cultural issues. People may scoff and roll their eyes when when celebrities campaign for and endorse politicians but if it didn’t work to some extent, candidates wouldn’t bring them along for the ride.

Swift has a huge platform, especially with young women in her fan base. And if we’ve learned anything from the Kavanaugh confirmation process, that demographic is very angry. A recent NPR poll found that 52% of women think Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth.

The pop star just wrapped a major stadium tour, breaking attendance records all over the country. The figures aren’t in yet for the Reputation Tour, but on her 1989 Tour, 2.28 million people were listening to what Taylor was saying. And apparently they’re listening to her when she says to go vote as well.

The late Andrew Breitbart always said that politics are downstream from culture and that could not be more true in this instance. Republicans would do well to remember this and learn to play the celebrity endorsement game because right now the Democrats are one-upping them.

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