The DNC is actually selling this, sadly this is not a joke

Democrats just cannot get over the fact that Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They are absolutely obsessed or they aren’t and are just milking this anti-Kavanaugh fervor on the left, hoping they go out and vote. Come to think of it, that’s probably what’s going on, either way the National Democratic Party isn’t likely to let this go anytime soon.

Now, they’ve raised their anti-Kavanaugh hatred to a level only seen during an election season. Just take a look at latest email, touting their newest item available in the Democratic Party store.

We will not stop fighting — we are going to show Republicans there is a heavy price to pay for confirming Brett Kavanaugh.

Get your Supreme Injustice t-shirt today to show you won’t forget the shameful confirmation of Kavanaugh — 100% of the proceeds go toward electing Democrats up and down the ballot to help stop this from happening again.

Pre-order your limited-edition Supreme Injustice shirt — don’t wait, these could sell out fast.


Let’s keep fighting,

The Democrats

Yes, they are actually selling a shirt, that despite Democratic politicians’ best efforts to take down a man with uncorroborated allegations, that has a message saying Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a sign of “injustice.”

Is the National Democratic Party actually trying to say that the Supreme Court is now illegitimate? I don’t know if it’s true, but perhaps we should take some time, complete an FBI investigation and take these allegations as a sign of guilt, right DNC?

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