WATCH: Pres. Trump: ‘I like Taylor’s music about 25 percent less now’

There likely isn’t a bigger name in entertainment right now than Taylor Swift. Everything she touches turns to gold. Nearly every single she puts out hits No. 1 on the charts sooner or later, often sooner and she sells out entire stadiums.

So, with that kind of fame and insane success, it was only a matter of time until Ms. Swift began wading into the political realm, telling her adoring fans what she thinks about politics and current events.

On Sunday night, Swift put out a message that she was endorsing both a Democrat for governor and for senator in her state of Tennessee. Fine. Great. Taylor has every right, but anyone who actually cares what Taylor Swift or Kanye West says about politics and allows that to affect who they vote for, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

But nevertheless, that wasn’t going to stop the press from asking the President of the United States about Swift’s recent endorsements. And for whatever reason, the Trump felt the need to answer the idiotic question.

Check out the exchange below:

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