CNN reporter under fire for controversial tweets

CNN isn’t a fan of President Trump, they’ve made that abundantly clear.  During the Kavanaugh hearings, CNN and the most of the media kept harkening back to things Brett Kavanaugh supposedly did in his past, more than 30 years ago.

Fortunately, CNN and everyone else trying to take down Kavanaugh failed and he’s now a justice on the Supreme Court.  However, now one member of that same media now has a major problem and it didn’t happen not even close to 30 years ago.

Controversial tweets from Kaitlan Collins, the CNN White House reporter, have resurfaced and they aren’t good.

In the tweets, Collins refers to someone as a “fag” and says that she’s unsure whether she wants to room with a lesbian.

Collins has since posted a tweet apologizing for the tweets, but social media hasn’t been so forgiving.


Hey, I get it, these are the rules the Left has set up. Search and destroy. Find something undesirable in someone’s past and attempt to ruin their career and to a certain extent their life.  They’ve gone after people for what they’ve said and/or done in the past.

This looking into someone’s past for something they’ve either said or done that wasn’t their proudest moment, something they regret, has to stop. If not, we’re all going to become victim of it eventually. Anyone who says they’ve done something in their past they aren’t proud of are lying.

Point is, conservatives have the opportunity to be the bigger people and just stop this search and destroy tactic. Calling for the young woman’s job for something that she posted seven years ago seems a bit harsh.

Would you want something distasteful dredged up from your past and have it affect your present and/or future? No.

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