SNL’s Pete Davidson blasts Kanye West for pro-Trump message

For any who has ever watched Saturday Night Live, they very regularly delve into political matters and other current events. Essentially, that is Weekend Update, a 10-minute segment where comedians comment on politics and other things which made the news in the past week.

Last weekend, Kanye West was the musical guest. He wore a MAGA hat at the end of the program and then after the show ended, he went on about his support of Trump. He talked about being bullied backstage over his hate.

Anyone with half a brain knew that most of those on the show wouldn’t agree with West’s opinion. That’s fine, right? I don’t agree with every thing that comes out of his mouth and odds are you likely don’t agree with everything Kanye all the time, either. But that’s America, we all have the right to an opinion.

However, Pete Davidson didn’t appreciate Kanye’s pro-trump message. In fact, the comedian thinks West should stick to music, and not comment on politics. He actually referred to West as being “mentally ill.”

Perhaps Davidson doesn’t understand irony, a comedian, going on a rant in which he tells a musician to stick to music and not comment on politics.

Who wants to bet that if West went on an anti-Trump rant, Davidson wouldn’t have had anything to say?

The hypocrisy of the left of full display, ladies and gentlemen.

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