WATCH: Donnelly puts out statement after Kavanaugh confirmation, leaves out very important piece of info

Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly is a senator with “common sense Hoosier values” or at least that’s what he likes to say.

Following Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote to the Supreme Court, which was 50-48, Donnelly put out a video statement in which he strikes a conciliatory tone, where he says he looks forward to working with now justice Kavanaugh.

However, there is just one simple problem with Donnelly’s video, one major pice of information he fails to mention: how he voted on Kavanaugh. Oddly though, Donnelly talks about his vote on justice Neil Gorsuch. Again, Donnelly wants to have it both ways, vote with his party the majority of the time, but still refer to himself as a moderate, who Hoosiers can count on.

You see, if Donnelly had had his way, Kavanaugh would not have even made it to the Supreme Court. Donnelly knows he must now answer to Hoosiers and quickly, the first Indiana Senate Debate is Monday Oct. 8 in Fort Wayne.

Check out Donnelly’s statement below:

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