Disgusting display: Women’s March calls Sen. Susan Collins ‘rape apologist’

The left has thrown anything and everything against the wall during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination process. Fortunately, it appears that the dirty, gutter-level tactics have failed.

However, on Friday things still looked a little murky as to whether Kavanaugh would actually get confirmed as the next justice to the Supreme Court. But at 3 p.m., Friday afternoon, Maine Senator Susan Collins, in an impassioned and reasoned speech on the Senate floor, said she would vote “yes” on Kavanaugh’s nomination. With Collin’s vote and then Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia stating that he would also vote “yes”, Kavanaugh had enough votes.

Collins’ wise and passionate speech about how she came to support Kavanaugh was not appreciated by many on the left. In fact, the Women’s March, predictably lashed out horrible and despicable manner, referring to Collins as a “rape apologist.”

They put out this disgusting display despite there being no evidence of any of the allegations against Kavanaugh. But let’s be honest, would we really expect any different from those on the left?

Check out Collins’ speech:


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