‘The Middle’ spinoff gets title, adds familiar face to cast

Frankie, Brick, Axl and Mike Heck are no longer on television. The Middle, the odd show about an even weirder family from fictional Orson, Indiana, ended last season, after nine years on air.

However, fans of The Middle, have no fear, the show is getting a spinoff featuring likely the program’s most popular character, Sue Heck. While a spinoff featuring Sue was ordered back in August, the program now has a name – Sue Sue in the City.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the program will pickup soon after The Middle ended. The show will show Sue in the Chicago after graduating college and heading out of good ole Orson.

Also, it’s been announced that the show has now added Sue’s best friend Brad to the cast.¬† No word yet if Frankie, Axl or the book-loving Brick will make the occasional appearance. How could you not have Axl at least show up from time to time to pick on the lovable and gullible Sue?


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