Liberals plan to bully Jeff Flake for the rest of his life over his Kavanaugh vote

Sen. Jeff Flake may still flake on his final Kavanaugh voteĀ  – he says he will vote yes unless ”something big changed” but sources close to the Senator say he’s “having issues” and plans to pow wow with Democrat Sen. Chris Coons later today.
But some liberals are so mad about the earlier ‘yes’ vote that they are planning to form a group to “to follow Jeff Flake around to every restaurant, cafe, store, etc he goes to for the rest of his life and yell at him.”

Because yelling at people and bullying them into voting the way you want is so effective. Of course it worked before with Jeff Flake, so maybe it will work again?

The funniest thing about all this is most of these people cornering senators and screaming at them aren’t even from their home state they represent. Many of them are even paid to do this.

So really, their opinion shouldn’t matter – vote the way the people who elected you want and ignore the rest.


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