Leland Keyser felt pressured to change her story by FBI agent Dr. Ford allegedly helped take a polygraph

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Leland Keyser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s friend who she testified was at the same party where Judge Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her, told the FBI that allies of Dr. Ford have been pressuring her to revisit her memories and change her story.

Among those allies is former FBI agent Monica McLean. McLean’s name may sound familiar because she’s the friend that Ford’s ex-boyfriend named in his sworn statement.  The ex-boyfriend says Dr. Ford was a polygraph expert and coached McLean on how to pass a test so she could get a job with the FBI.

McLean’s lawyer denies Keyser’s story, stating ““Any notion or claim that Ms. McLean pressured Leland Keyser to alter Ms. Keyser’s account of what she recalled concerning the alleged incident between Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is absolutely false.”

Friends and family of Keyser told The Daily Mail that Ford “threw her under the bus” and ”Leland was completely blindsided by her name being thrown into it all. The first thing she knew about it was when she woke up on Thursday morning and her name was just everywhere. It was crazy.”

Keyser has said before that she believes Dr. Ford’s story but she simply wasn’t at the party and can’t corroborate any of the claims against Brett Kavanaugh.

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