WATCH: Protestors scream at Sen. Orrin Hatch, he responds perfectly

Those on the left who aren’t fans of Judge Brett Kavanaugh have made their feelings known, often loudly as they scream at elected officials.

As anyone knows, berating someone, while getting right up in their face, is always an effective method for changing someone’s mind. Of course, for those who live in the real world where yelling at someone doesn’t do a bit of good or make any kind of difference, facts are usually best.

However, the left likes to use emotion, much in the same way a child throwing a tantrum in Walmart. When they don’t get their or when, God forbid someone happens to disagrees with them, profanity and screaming are often employed. Just check out how a group of protestors accosted Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah as he was attempting to enter an elevator.

Be warned, their shrillness may hurt or even severely damage your ears.


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