TRAILER: ‘Vice,’ film about Dick Cheney

If you haven’t been able to pick up on it yet, Hollywood hates Donald Trump and they hated George W. Bush. Heck, just put an “R” by your name and the land of make believe is sure to despise you.

However, as much blind hatred Hollywood harbors for Republican voters and elected officials, there is one that holds a special distinction among the liberal elite as “the most hated Republican”: Dick Cheney.  How much do they hate the guy, apparently enough to make an entire movie about the guy.

Despite having an all-star cast of Sam Rockwell, Steve Carrell and Christian Bale, who looks more like Richard Dreyfuss, but sounds eerily similar to the former vice president, the film vice isn’t likely to be very sympathetic or even fair to Cheney.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Vice:



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