Huh? Clapping banned at University of Manchester, jazz hands encouraged instead

Ever heard something so incredibly stupid that made you think ‘there’s no way that can be true?’ Well, get ready for another one of those moments.

Apparently, at the University of Manchester across the pond in England, clapping is a serious problem. It’s become such an issue that the school’s student union actually banned the practice of slapping one’s palms together. Instead students should use what is referred to as “jazz hands” which in British Sign Language, means clapping.

What was the reasoning behind the student’s motion? They didn’t want to trigger anxiety.

“I think a lot of time, I’ve seen that clapping, whooping, talking over each other, loud noises, encourages an atmosphere that is not as respectful as it could be,” a student union officer said.

Hey, I get it, some people aren’t able to handle loud noises due to autism or some other kind of other disorder, but is this where we are in society, that the simple act of showing approval for something is now being banned on college campuses?


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