Donnelly remains ‘no’ on Kavanaugh; now says it’s about Kavanaugh’s ‘temperament and impartiality’

Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly was the first red state Democrat to say that he would vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  In his statement last Friday, Donnelly called for an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh despite there being no corroborated evidence.

But now, Donnelly, like Chuck Schumer, Mazie Hirono and the rest of his Democratic colleagues are changing their tune. As of Tuesday morning, according to a senior aide, Indiana’s Democratic senator, he still remains a ‘no.’ Donnelly, spouting the Democratic talking points of the day, now has “serious concerns about Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament and impartiality”

Donnelly votes against Kavanaugh and he is almost assuring himself that he will not  be a member of the United States Senate in January. In a conservative state like Indiana, Donnelly needs a good number of Republican votes to win election and his vote against Kavanaugh will do nothing but lose him votes come November and the election.

If nothing else, Donnelly is proving the following ads correct when they say the cozies up to the likes of Chuck Schumer and his party’s liberal leadership, especially when his vote might actually make a difference in the Senate.


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