WATCH: Hawaii Sen. Hirono says Kavanaugh throwing ice is ‘why we need an FBI investigation’

How some people manage to get elected to public office is a mystery. One of those people is Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. This woman, much like the other Democrats in Congress, had their minds made up on Brett Kavanaugh the second President Trump named him as his nominee to the Supreme Court.

For example, Hirono said that “I believe her, let’s put it that way. There’s credibility to her story,” before even hearing from Dr. Ford during last Thursday’s hearing.  She obviously doesn’t believe in the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” as when Jake Tapper directly asked her that she responded this way:

No big deal, right? This is just a sitting United States senator saying this out loud.

But wait, her insanely stupid comments don’t stop there. She actually said that the men in this country should “just shut up and do the right thing for a change.” Obviously, in Sen. Hirono’s view, the men doing the right thing is whatever Sen. Hirono wants without any kind of evidence to corroborate the allegations.

But never fear, Sen. Hirono has more asinine comments to spew, like when she recently appeared on CNN and said Kavanaugh throwing ice at someone is exactly why we need an FBI investigation.

Yep, ice. Launching ice at someone in college is enough to keep a totally qualified judge off the Supreme Court.  See, now the Democrats aren’t making it about Dr. Ford’s allegations, now it’s about Kavanaugh’s “out of control drinking” and trying to prove the man perjured himself.

The Democrats never cared for a second about Dr. Ford. If they did, they would’ve interviewed her privately, but that way her name and her face wouldn’t be out there. The Democrats, who like to consider themselves the party of women, have done nothing more than used Dr. Ford as a pawn in their game of delay and obstruct.

But let’s be totally and completely honest about what this Kavanaugh fight is actually about: abortion. The Democrats are so absolutely and completely in love with the idea of murdering the unborn that they are willing to throw about “innocent until proven guilty,” and whatever else they have to in order to preserve the butchering of the innocent. Throughout this whole process the Democrats have truly revealed themselves and it’s petty, insolent little children who hold their breath and stomp their feet until they get their way.


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