Mom files federal lawsuit because her son didn’t make soccer team…..sadly, not kidding

“Everyone deservers a trophy, because there are no winners or losers.” That’s the kind of the mentality a growing segment of our population possess. Don’t believe me? Well, one parent in Missouri is a great example of hour society got this way and is only getting worse.

Because her son was cut from both the varsity and JV soccer team, she filed a federal lawsuit against the school. Seriously, this has actually happened.

What was the mother’s argument, you’re probably asking? She claims that the school discriminated against her son because of his age and sex.  However, the school claims that, and rightfully so, that if a junior doesn’t make the varsity team, they cannot play on the JV.  The school says the JV is an opportunity for those who have a chance of actually seeing varsity minutes to improve.

Perfectly, reasonable policy, right? No, not at all. Get this, the mother claims that her son will apparently suffer “irreparable harm” if he’s not put on the team.

I’m thinking her son will suffer irreparable harm if he is placed on the team. Can you imagine how the other players will react and treat this kid if a court were to actually place this kid on the team? Let’s face it, kids aren’t the kindest of time, but can you imagine the treatment the mother is setting her son up for from her his peers?

What’s even more insane is that a lawyer actually took this case. In fact, her lawyer had this to say about the case: “I think if the judge follows the law and looks at the evidence of you know Jon Doe’s skills, we have a decent chance.”

What happens when this kid goes to apply for a job and doesn’t get it? Is mom going to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court, claiming illegal and unfair practices or some other ridiculousness?

I get it, failure sucks. It hurts and no one wants to go through it, but having mommy sue the coach and the school because little Billy wasn’t good enough to make the team is beyond insane.

People want to know why society sucks and where do kids get such an entitlement mentality? Well, this is a prime example as to why. Everyone has to win, no one can be singled out as a loser or somehow less than someone else.





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