Allyssa Milano wants Kanye West to fall back in line

Hollywood likes to put themselves out there as a creative, independent-thinking community of artists and people thinking outside the box. However, when it comes to politics, that’s hardly the case. Don’t believe me? Watch any Hollywood award show and you’re bound to see at least one, but probably more, self-righteous speeches touting the latest liberal talking point of the day or about how they are repressed and fighting for the under class.

The speech is then described as brave, by a group of people feel the exact same way. Not exactly the definition of brave, but ok, whatever.

If you’ve ever wondered whether Hollywood doesn’t appreciate outside-the-box thinking when it comes to political matters, look no further than Allyssa Milano’s response to Kanye West.

Kanye West has been making waves for the last couple months. He’s been seen wearing a MAGA hat on a number of occasions and has touted his support for President Trump as well. Last Saturday night, Kanye was the musical guest on SNL and again, made some waves with his political statements.

West has the right to think to what he wants. I don’t always agree with him, but will admit it’s refreshing to see someone out of Hollywood not just parroting the liberal talking points. But Milano didn’t exactly feel the same way about Kanye’s thinking.

Many didn’t appreciate Milano’s tweet.


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